The Tribe's Funeral Pyre
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This page is dediceted to all those characters that have passed on to the other side.
Rest In Peace, and may your spirits live long in the hearts of those you leave behind.

"Oh my friends, my friends forgive me,
That I live and you are gone,
There's a grief that can't be spoken,
There's a pain goes on and on" - Les Miserables

Zoot was played by Danny James
Zoot died when Lex threw him over the shopping Mall balcony.

Zoot was leader of rival tribe the Locos, strong and courageous. Before he became Zoot, he was Martin, Bray's brother and the father of Trudy's child Brady.

Danny James now works behind the camera, as an art assistant on The Tribe.
Zandra was played by Amy Morrison
Zandra died in an explosion at the mysterious Eagle Mountain Observatory, where the Mallrats has gone in search of the antidote.

Zandra was a material girl, who lived for looks, pleasue and fun. She was married to Lex, although for the wrong reasons, and was very close to Ryan.
Bob was played by Bob the Dog
Bob died after drinking poison with which Ebony had intended to kill Tai-San.

Bob was a best friend to Patsey and Cloe right from the start. He was always there for them, and provided comfort and companionship to all the Mallrats.
Spike was played by Lee Donahue
Spike was killed by the Chosen to frame Ebony.

Spike was a loyal guard to Ebony, although he liked to do things his own way.
Lex the Rat
Lex the Rat was cooked by Trudy and Lex ate him for dinner, although without knowing it!

Lex the Rat was caught by KC from the sewers, and KC was going to make money from him by holding and cheating in rat races.
Dal was played by Ashworth Saunderasen
Dal was killed when he fell from a ledge while trying to save his fellow Mallrats from the Chosen.

Dal was Ambers neighbour before the virus, and was crushed when she 'died'. He dreamed of a fair and just future, where everyone was free and owned their own land. Before the virus, he hoped to be a doctor, as his father was, but his dream turned to farming. Dal looked after Alice and Ellie's farm while they lived in the city, and the three became close friends. Dal was also a scientist, helping out Jack whenever he could. Although he was jealous of Jack for being with Ellie, he kept his feelings to himself as he did not want to lose his friendship with Jack. Dal was a friend to everyone in the Tribe: He nursed Trudy when she was sick, played games with Patsey and Cloe, gave KC a helicopter when he had nothing to do, helped Amber, Bray and Jack on many occasions, and saved Lex from being blown to pieces when he stood on a mine.
Patsy was played by Sarah Major
Patsy was working as a spy for the rebels when she was caught by the Chosen and executed (death not shown).

Patsy has been a Mallrat from the start, she and her brother Paul were with Salene when Amber found them and took them to the Mall. Patsy and Cloe became best friends, and Paul disappeared after Lex shouted him and has not been seen since. When Trudy returned after escaping the Chosen, she became very close to Patsy, so much so that Patsy's friendship with Cloe suffered. Patsy worked with Trudy for the Chosen, as Brady's minder and a message carrier. She also nearly got Ebony killed by the Guardian at the double wedding, but later regretted it. She helpped the Mallrast against the Chosen, and was a spy, meeting with Lex, Ebony and Bray putside the Mall whenever she could.