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Damon Andrews
Info as I get it
Laura Wilson
Info as I get it
Vanessa Stacey
Vanessa's B'Day is Aug 7th, her exact age is unknown.
She has been in films such as The Frighteners and Willow, and in theatre productions such as Charlottes Web, Baby With The Bathwater and Work In Progress.

Vanessa enjoys horseback riding, dance, jazz, ballet, playing the guitar, vollyball, basket ball, swimming, cycling and ice skating.
Beth Allen
Info as I get it
Ryan Runicman
Ryan has experience working in photographic stills, TV commercials amd film. He also does voice overs.

Ryan is a trained singer and Tap Dancer.
Victoria Spence
Tori is 15, and her B'Day is April 30th. She has had work as a stills photographic model and in TV commercials. She also appeared in Shortland Street.
Jennyfer Jewell
Jennyfer is 15 and her B'Day is June 7th.
She has had roles in Enid Blytons Secret Series and Adventure Series, She has been in theatre, film and TV commercials.

Jennyfer enjoys cycling, dance, horseback riding, music, running, singing, skiing and awimming.
Ari Boyland
Ari is 12 and his B'Day is Aug 10th.

He enjoys soccer, basketball, flipperball and rollerblading.
Jacob Tomuri
Info as I get it
Jaimee Klaire Gataulu
Jaimee is 11, and her B'Day is April 7th.

She has done film, radio and TV, having appeared in The Visitation and Xena. She also had her own radio spot on Wellington Radio.
Nick Miller
Info as I get it