Spirit of the Mallrats
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The Beginning Of The End
Alice attacked the Guardian
The Guardian escaped with a hostage - Luke
Luke left the Mall cuz of Jack
Jack went to the farm and found Ellie
Ellie went back to the Mall and found Bray
Bray said Alice should be arrested by Lex
Lex is in trouble with Tai-San
Tai-San is upset that The Guardian was caught by Pride
Pride doesn't really love May
May is relieved she's not hurt KC
KC has a crush on Cloe
Cloe misses Patsy
Patsy went missing with Ryan
Ryan is OK and is being tracked down by Salene
Salene is looking after Brady for Trudy
Trudy is worried for Amber
Amber is having the baby

Oh yeah, and there are planes flying over the city! No, really!
Big thanks goes to Victoria Spence, who plays Salene, and Antonia Prebble, who plays Trudy, for signing the guestbook - thanx girls!

That's it, Series 3 has come to an end in the UK :( so there'll be no more front page updates until January 2002, when The Mallrats and Co. return in The Tribe Series 4.
But Channel 5 will be repeating The Tribe Series 2 and Series 3 over the summer holidays, so it'll be up at the crack of dawn - well, 9am actually. Keep you posted :)
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