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Here are a collection of some of the best Tribe sites on the net.
If you know of any others that you would like to see put up, email me and let me know!

If U would like to link my site, U can use the banner above (thanx 2 Shabbs 4 this).

Tribeworld The offical home of The Tribe
The Core, Channel 5 The Homepage of the lovely people who show The Tribe. Thanx Guyz!
Tribe Talk UBB Takes you straight to my second home!

Tribal Instincts Fab site by Pippa from Tribe Talk, with loads of original stuff like 'Concerns about Tai-San', 'Bob Tributes', 'Character Articles Written By Their Fans'(I wrote Lex's) and much more!
The Tribe's Shopping Mall A brill Tribe site, yet another one! Has loads of stuff like mag articles + how to get the 'Tribe Look' etc. Cool!
Caleb Ross Online A top site devoted to the most gorgeous actor eva! Many Thanx to Tara for her pix - Cheers!
The Babble Zone A huge site by CK!!, with everything you will eva want to know about The Tribe (except what happens in series 3 - LOL!)
*The Tribe Online* A fantastic site by Lex_Fan, with stuff like Tribal quizes, cast bios etc, and how to fine out everything (almost) about Lex_Fan himself.
Shabbs Tribe Site A fab site by Shabbs, and thanx 2 him 4 the moving images on this site :)
Riikka's Caleb Ross Site Another top site for all things Lex
Tribe Mania Loadz and Loadz of cool stuff to do, like voting, quizes, pix and lots more!