Lessons In Life I Learned From The Tribe
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Over the past 2 series, I have learned some valuable lessons from The Tribe. So I'v decided to share my knowledge with you.

What to do - pre-virus and after it hits
When someone argues with the teacher in class it is best to stand on the table and chant "POWER & CHAOS!" to end dispute.

Gathering up a group of friends and forcing them to walk from one end of the beach to the other while singing 'The Dream Must Stay Alive' will help moral.

Incorperating The Tribe into everyday conversation as much as possible is fun! Eg: You are in a store and someone says "Hey, look at that guys dreads", and you reply with "Yeah, they look like the ones Lex has!"

When the teacher tries to get the class' attention by shouting "Look this way!", following up with "Abe Messiah, Ay ya" usually does the trick.

It is best to visit your GP regurly for vaccinations against all known viruses, just to be on the safe side.

Home-made water filtration systems will always work, even if you really have no idea what you're doing.

Food and water are always in supply, even if there is no one to produce more.

Babies called Braydy never grow older than 6 months.

You can go to sleep without smudging your make up.

No one cares if you wear the same clothes for months on end.

Hair dye is everlasting and does not fade over time.

Personal hygeine is not important (have you ever seen a toothbrush in the mall?).

Your hair will always stay in perfect condition, even if you never brush it or wash it.

Your clothes will never need washed or ironed.

Milk will keep without a refrigerator and not go off.

Rostas are very useful things.

What to do if you meet The Chosen (pray that you don't)
Reading the newspaper 'The Guardian' will get you inside info on the movements of The Chosen.

When you run into trouble, fall on your knees and say with a straight face "Zoot be praised! And to his Chosen Victory!"

Or "Hail the Supreme Mother!" will work just as well.

Be very afraid of people 'with blond curly hair, wears a long white robe, likes talking about Zoot a whole lot and throwing people off of buildings'. It is very likely to be The Guardian.

If someone called Trudy denies the above, take her hostage. 'She's the Supreme Mother isn't she?'

If a guy with curly brown hair starts sweating - be careful, he'll hit you.

Pokeing fun of the Almighty Zoot is fun, but when The Supreme mother or The Guardian put in an appearance, shut up fast, you could end up off a building.

Beware of dirt bikes, buggies of any kind and espicially big black tank-type cars - the Chosen are coming!

Do not try and be clever by untying their get-away boat, they will take you hostage and trade you for someone they can use (feel honoured if it's the Supreme Mother).