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My Tribal Life
Hi There!
My name's Pauline, I'm 16 and live in Northern Ireland. I'v been a fan of The Tribe since the middle of series one, and my fav. character is Lex, played by Caleb Ross.
I hang out at the Tribe Talk UBB most days (under the name Lex_4_Leader), and at this point i'm gonna say hi to Tara, El, Amy, Josh, Pippa, ck!!!, vrstuart, Lex_Fan, *Silver*, Dwaynes_Girl, Sabriel and Blue-Bell - so "Hi!" to them and anyone else I forgot :)

My fav. episode is the Series 3 ep with the fight between Lex and Pride, and my fav. line is "I'd rather take a bath with a shark" from Lex.

Oh, and I promised them I give them a mention, so "HI" to Natasha (my Lex, not yours!), Andrea (yes, put up more Jack pix, I know!), Mark (so it's Ebony huh?) and Sarah (who doesn't watch The Tribe, but only coz she doesn't have C5, so I forgive you!) @ Larne Grammar!!

Oh, and I've got a black lop-eared dwaft rabbit. What did I call him? Lex, naturally!

Other Stuff About Me
Aside from The Tribe, I am also a huge fan of The X Files, Buffy, Star Trek, Friends, Xena and Hercules.

I also go horseback riding whenever I can be bothered to, and I'm studying Englsih, Biology, Maths, Information Systems, Art, Physics, R.E, Chemistry and French.

Below is a poem I wrote about the Tribe. Hope you like it!

The Guiding Light
The Mallrats are guided by hopes and their dreams,
For nothing is ever as true as it seems.

Their fear binds them closer together each day,
Fear that the Chosen are coming their way.

They know not what lies ahead in their path,
They search for a light, alone in the dark.

The cities lie silent, no soul to be found,
The Tribe are alert, standing their ground.

Against all the odds, the virus has gone,
But nothing is ever quiet for long.

Defending each other, together they strive,
Knowing the dream must stay alive.

By Pauline